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Providing financial recruitment solutions with an open and honest approach ...

Our objective is to source the market's most talented candidates, diagnose that they are technically suitable for the role and ensure they are thoroughly educated about your company culture. We aim to bring you candidates that are beyond your level of expectation.

From our offices in London we also service our clients globally. Our clients vary from top tier investment banks to a large section of the hedge fund community but also include pension funds, market makers, brokerage firms, family offices and energy and utility companies.

With extensive experience in the quantitative analyst space we understand the various technical particulars and mathematical modelling techniques that different business lines require. You can expect Eka Finance to bring you the the market's strongest candidates with these very specific requirements, who are prepared and passionate about joining your firm.

A combinination of contingency and search tools are utilised to offer you the best candidates for your business. This includes

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